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HIRE Products Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Precautions & Contra-indications 

  • The TENS machine will only be used by the person named on the hire form. 

  • The hirer will have discussed and sought approval from their medical practitioner before using the TENS machine. 

  • The hirer will follow the instructions as provided and will use the machine under medical supervision. 

  • The success of TENS machine cannot be guaranteed. 

  • Return of the TENS machine is the responsibility of the hirer. If postage is required, a prepaid registered post return satchel is provided for your protection. Liability transfers from the hirer to Australia Post only when the return satchel is processed by Australia Post. Should not receive the returned TENS and Australia Post have no record of the item then the hirer shall be required to pay a replacement fee of up to the full retail cost of the machine (RRP $235). 

  • Should the TENS machine be lost or stolen you will be charged a replacement fee of up to the full retail cost of the machine (RRP $235). 

  • Should the TENS machine be returned damaged, contaminated with body fluids or with missing parts reserve the right to charge additional fees for cleaning, repairs or replacements - the bond will not be returned.

  • Please advise as soon as possible if you require extra time, subject to availability. Additional fees of $15 per week will also apply if the TENS machine is returned late. 

  • are not accountable for any injury or damage sustained as a result of misuse. 

  • Hire of the Elle Plus TENS machine is $50 for 4 weeks, $75 for 6 weeks, $90 for 8 weeks

Hire Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • In the event of a hire cancellation PRIOR to the TENS being despatched you will be refunded the full amount

  • In the event of a hire cancellation AFTER the TENS has been despatched NO REFUND can be made. 

  • No refund is given if the products are unused, unclaimed, or otherwise. 

  • $50 deposit will be refunded to the hirer in cash/bank transfer upon return of the unit provided the unit is undamaged and there are no missing pieces

Precautions and Contra-indications 

  • TENS machines contain electrical components and MUST NOT be used in or around water (or fluids). Remove the TENS and electrodes BEFORE entering a bath or shower. 

  • TENS machines SHOULD NOT be used by persons with a cardiac pacemaker. 

  • Persons with heart disease or epilepsy should seek approval from their doctor before use. 

  • TENS machines SHOULD NOT be applied internally or used on broken or cracked skin. 

  • TENS machine SHOULD NOT be placed on areas of the skin where normal sensation is absent. 

  • Pads SHOULD NOT be placed over the heart or chest, on the neck or head. 

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

  • Electrical foetal monitoring may be affected by TENS use. Please turn off the TENS machine if requested by your midwife or doctor. 

  • NOT to be used whilst pregnant before 36 weeks gestation without prior consultation and specific agreement from your doctor. 

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