ELLE PLUS (pictured) is a 3-in-1 state of the art, efficient method of drug free pain relief. This powerful digital TENS unit is smooth, sophisticated and simple to use. It has been cleverly crafted by Babycare TENS specifically for home use for mums-to-be, for the management of pain for labour and beyond. The ELLE PLUS contains a powerful TENS unit to combat labour pain with a built in contraction timer, a TENS unit for general pain relief and a Pelvic Floor Stimulator (not available for hire) for treating post natal pelvic floor issues.


At True Focus Hypnobirthing we hire two devices - Elle TENS Plus (as mentioned above) and Elle TENS 2 (purple in colour). The two main differences are that the Elle TENS 2 does not offer the pelvic probe option and also do not offer the general pain option. The birth mode on each device is the same.

"TENS" is a drug-free pain relief often used by women in labour. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A maternity TENS consists of a battery powered, hand held controller connected by fine leads to four flat pads. The pads are covered with a firm gel to help them stick to your back.

The TENS machine sends small, safe pulses of electrical current via the leads to the pads on the skin. The pulses pass through your skin into your muscles and tissues via nerve fibres. This gives you a gentle tingling or buzzing sensation, which may be stronger or weaker depending on the setting level.

The controller part of the TENS machine is easy to hold in your hand while you're in labour, but if you don't want to hold it, you can use the soft neck strap or clip provided.

ELLE TENS Plus (pictured above) has buttons that you can use to control the frequency and strength of the pulses. There is also a boost button for you to press with your thumb when you want maximum output from the machine. This function is best used during a contraction. The ELLE TENS Plus unit is 100% user-operated, meaning the person using it is the one who is in full control (Please note - the boost button is also available on the Elle TENS 2 device as the birth modes are the same)

Click here for FAQ's about TENS machines.


HOW do I hire a TENS machine for labour?

True Focus Hypnobirthing hires TENS machines for labour to trusted clients. There are currently 3 hire options: 4 weeks - $50, 6 weeks - $75, 8 weeks - $90. Each hire period also requires a $50 refundable deposit to cover loss or damage. This deposit will be refunded upon return of the TENS machine provided the device is in working order, undamaged and all parts are received. Extensions are also available upon request and subject to device availability. Click here to complete the TENS machine hire form. 

WHAT is included with TENS hire?

In the box, you will receive:

  • 1x ELLE PLUS TENS unit or 1x ELLE TENS 2 unit

  • 1x easy release neck cord

  • 2x AA batteries - inside the device

  • 2x AA batteries - spare

  • 4x NEW self adhesive electrodes - single person use

  • 2x leadwires

  • Instruction manual

  • Quick start guide

  • A "Women's Guide to drug free pain relief" booklet

  • Pink felt drawstring carry case

  • "What happens now" postcard

  • Complimentary slip to provide feedback

  • Pre-paid Australia Post satchel for returning the device
    *all of the above accessories need to be returned at the end of the hire period

Our Labour TENS Hire service has 3 steps:


You can book your TENS Hire online following the links to the hire form, letting us know your baby's due date through the booking form. One the form you can select either 4 weeks or 8 weeks hire and also shipping/pick up arrangements.


When your TENS arrives, familiarise yourself with the unit and it's accessories. We recommend having a trial run after 36 weeks gestation to make sure you are ready when you go into labour. An instruction manual and quick start guide is included with your device. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us via truefocushypnobirthing@gmail.com


Your TENS is due back either 4 or 8 weeks after you recieved it. When it is time to return the TENS, place the TENS and accessories into the pre-addressed Australia Post envelope and drop it at an Australia Post facility (provided you selected this option). Otherwise please be in contact to arrange to drop back your device. We will confirm with you via email when it is due back and also once we have received it. Provided the unit and accessories are returned in working order, we will issue you your $50 refundable deposit. (Please note that if the pre-addressed satchel is lost, you will need to purchase a new one at Australia Post and pay for postage yourself)