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At the completion of a Hypnobirthing Australia ™ group or private course, all attendees (including birth partners) are required to complete a feedback form. Below are some of the comments received

"As a first time mum and dad, my husband and I had no idea what to expect of birth and of course, all most people want to tell you about are the horror stories and how its the most pain you will ever experience. After attending the course with Laure, I now feel empowered to approach the birth of our baby girl in a calm and natural way - after all, my body was made for it!! Scott also has a better understanding of how he can best support me and play an active role in the birth of his baby as well. Loved it and can't recommend it enough!" - Rikki, April 2015          read Rikki's birth story here

"All is good. Good to have ideas or techniques to use while in labour or throughout pregnancy. Definitely applying the learning and ideas that I've learned in the hypnobirthing class" - Mechelle, August 2015         read Mechelle's birth story here

"Great to learn of alternative options to mainstream birthing. I think the knowledge is there, but until spoken about and discussed we tend to just go with what the media portrays, like we discuss something in class and I was like 'that makes sense, never really thought about it like that.' So good to see mother and babies born into a relatively pain free and extremely calm environment. All mothers seem so at ease with their births" - Dan, October 2015          read Dan's perspective here

"I think that hypnobirthing is fantastic in allowing your body and baby to birth calmly and naturally as intended. It allows for you to become more confident and empowered in believing in yourself. I personally believe that my relaxed pregnancy has been contributed by the attendance of hypnobirthing. I would highly recommend the course to everyone thinking of having a calm and relaxed birth" - Zoe, october 2015          read Zoe's birth story here

"Originally I thought it would be a bit 'hippy' and strange but it wasn't at all! It all makes perfect sense and i now realise that birth is natural. The TV and what we are told by people makes us think that birth is an 'illness' that can be cured with intervention and medicines but in fact we should trust our bodies to do what comes naturally and not fear it" - Lauren, June 2016          read Lauren's birth story here

"My hypnobirthing classes have really eased any anxiety I had about having my baby. I am confident that no matter what happens during my birth experience I am still in control and I can trust my body to do what it was designed to do. I am also loving the calm approach to birth and follow up resources to transition into motherhood. Thank you!" - Ebonie, June 2016          read Ebonie's birth story here

"I've never really had a fear of birthing. The course really just confirmed my thoughts and expectations. Im so excited for the day of birth and hope all will go to my plan. If not, I feel prepared to accept the way nature takes its course" - Nadine, August 2016          read Nadine's birth story here

"My understanding and perception of the course material was way off what we covered. I didn't see/believe this would be beneficial til we did it. Im glad we completed this course as I think it will be very useful during our birth" - Phil, August 2016

"Very informative, relaxed and I felt very comfortable" - Louisa, December 2016

"Coming into this with an open mind and to come out with knowledge knowing there is different techniques out there" - Luke, November 2017

"Very informative! I learnt so much about what my mind and body is capable of, and that childbirth is completely normal and natural and with the correct tools, should not be heard, but embraced and enjoyed" - Gemma, November 2017          read Gemma's birth story here

"It was a lot better than first though and also gives a good insight of what to expect with childbirth" - Steven, January 2018

"An alternative perspective on labour/child birth that provides both parents with practical strategies to implement for a positive outlook on giving birth" - Rebecca, January 2018          read Rebecca's birth story here

"DO IT!!! This program gives you the tools to enjoy your birth experience - regardless of what physically ends up happening, each birth can be calm and relaxed. It helps so much in the weeks leading up to birth too to help promote sleep and relaxation. Since doing the program, I have settled so much into becoming a mother and actually enjoying being pregnant. My baby also loves the tracks - he always calms down and rests when I play them. Loved it!" - Heidi, January 2018          read Heidi's birth story here


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