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Positive Birth Program Class Outline

The full private and group Hypnobirthing Australia™ course is a comprehensive childbirth education program. 

Here is a list of what you can expect to learn about during the classes

       1. How fear affects women in labour

       2. Breathing techniques for labour and birth

       3. Preparation of customised birth preferences

       4. Strategies to avoid a medical induction of labour

       5. An explanation of what happens during labour

       6. How to breath to minimise tearing during birth

       7. How to use hypnosis and relaxation to create positive birth outcome

       8. Self-hypnosis techniques for labour and birth

       9. Relaxation and Visualisations for labour and birth

       10. Identifying and eliminating cars and negative beliefs

       11. How your birth partner can support you during labour and birth

After completing the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course, you will be fully prepared, educated and confident in how you achieve a positive birth. You will also be educated and empowered to use the techniques to reduce pain in labour an reduce the need for pain relief and medical intervention


Here is a more Comprehensive course outline:

  • UNIT 1: Creating and Maintaining a Positive Mindset

    • Introduction to positive mindset of hypnobirthing

    • How our brain is wired to birth

    • The role of our caregivers

    • Mind / body connection

    • What is self-hypnosis and how will we use it for?

    • Our hormones are our friends

    • My amazing uterus - understanding the physiology behind birthing

    • Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome

    • Causes of fear (including history) and how it affects our labour

    • Re-programming the Subconscious

    • Our supportive team

    • Birthing environment

    • The language for empowered birthing


  • UNIT 2: Our Toolkit for Birth

    • Self-hypnosis tracks

    • Birth music

    • Conditioning with scent

    • Hypnotic anchors and triggers

    • Releasing endorphins through massage and touch

    • Acupressure techniques for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding

    • Visualisations for pregnancy, labour and birthing

    • The importance of facial relaxation

    • Relaxation Breathing - a skill for life

    • Surge breathing - the best tool ever!

    • Techniques to help make our surges more comfortable

    • The 'urge' to push/bear down - Breathing / Bearing down

    • Instant relaxation techniques


  • UNIT 3: Preparation and choices for Empowered Birthing

    • Bonding with baby

    • Birth Preferences - having open communication with your caregivers

    • Knowledge is power - researching common interventions and procedures

    • Question to ask, to assist in making informed decisions

    • Birth partner as advocate

    • 'Guess date' - a normal range of pregnancy

    • Inductions - things you're not always told

    • Achieving a natural start to labour

    • Maintaining a healthy diet

    • Preparing the body - staying active

    • Optimising baby's position

    • Breech or Posterior - options and positions

    • Instant relaxation techniques

    • Self-hypnosis, meditation and deep relaxation techniques and scripts


  • UNIT 4: Birth - Bringing it all Together

    • What to expect in the weeks and days leading up to birth

    • Signs that labour is starting

    • What to expect through labour (membranes releasing etc.)

    • When to call the midwife / go to hospital

    • Accidental home / car birth - what to do!​

    • Birth partners role

    • Common procedures

    • Using water during labour and birth

    • Upright positioning, movement and birth positions

    • Special circumstances (including caesarean birth)

    • Fear release

    • Vocalisation

    • Cord clamping and placenta delivery

    • Undisturbed bonding and breastfeeding time - skin to skin

    • What to expect afterwards

    • Self-hypnosis - Rehearsal for birth

    • A practice routine - preparation for birth!


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